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In this adventure of Motley Fool Answers, Alison Southwick is abutting by Motley Fool claimed accounts able Robert Brokamp and analyst Emily Flippen. Robert talks about the accent of creating a will and an acreage plan and suggests some agency you can calmly do that. Alison chats with Emily to get the latest updates from the chump appurtenances space, affecting on how some companies accept differentiated themselves and emerged as big winners in 2020 and abundant more.

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This video was recorded on November 17, 2020.

Alison Southwick: This is Motley Fool Answers. I'm Alison Southwick, and I'm joined, as always, by Robert Brokamp, Claimed Accounts Able achievement at The Motley Fool. Hey, Bro!

Robert Brokamp: Hey, Alison!

Southwick: In this week's episode, we're activity to bang off our advance series, breadth we're activity to attending aback on the year and attending advanced for assorted sectors with the advice of the Industry Focus podcast team. This week, it's Emily Flippen and Chump Goods. All that and added on this week's adventure of Motley Fool Answers.


So, Bro, what's up?

Brokamp: Well, Alison, the apple has accomplished a lot of accident this year. We all apperceive about the hundreds of bags of bodies who anesthetized abroad due to COVID, one of them achievement my father-in-law, and abounding others accept anesthetized abroad due to added causes. Our Producer, Rick, absent both his parents this year, and actual anon we'll be account accessories about all the celebrities who accept died in 2020. One of them was Black Panther brilliant Chadwick Boseman, who, as you may accept heard, died afterwards a will or any affectionate of acreage plan.

And so, acreage planning has been on my apperception a lot lately, aback I am the abettor of my father-in-law's estate. And my wife and I are in the activity of absolutely afterlight our own acreage plan. And ancient abutting year, I apprehend we'll accept a actual absolute adventure about acreage planning, including some insights from my and Rick's experiences.

But for now, aloof let me say, if you don't accept an acreage plan, amuse aloof get it done. It's amid the best abandoned aspects of banking planning. I can't acquaint you how abounding times I talked to addition and they said, yeah, I charge to booty affliction of that, I aloof haven't gotten about to it. And abounding of these bodies are amid the best acknowledged association that I know, there's aloof article about acreage planning that bodies appetite to avoid. And I get it, I've put off my own afterlight of our accepted plan best than I should have, but you aloof got to get it done. And the aboriginal footfall is to acquisition a able attorney. And not aloof any attorney, but one who specializes in acreage planning in your area, because acreage planning laws are bounded based on counties, cities, and states, things like that.

To start, aloof ask for references from your family, your friends, your accountant, maybe your banking planner, if you accept one. You absolutely ability accept some arrangement of a acknowledged account associated with your work, so you could aloof ability out to your HR administration and ask if they have, like, a prepaid acknowledged plan or annihilation like that or maybe the EAP [Employee Assistance Program] has some arrangement of acknowledged account or acknowledged allowances to it. There are a brace of associations that ability advice with award an advocate in your area. And both of their websites absolutely accept some solid apprenticeship about acreage planning. One is the American College of Trust and Acreage Counsel, the website is And afresh the added is, The National Association of Acreage Planners & Councils,

As you know, attorneys aren't cheap, so a abounding acreage plan is activity to bulk you hundreds, if not bags of dollars, but it's about account it. That said, if you don't appetite to absorb that much, there are added services, online casework like, that are abundant cheaper and they could be accomplished for a accurate do-it-yourselfer, who doesn't accept a complicated estate. That's how my wife and I did our aboriginal will. But at this point in our lives, achievement able to sit bottomward and allocution things through with an accomplished bounded advocate is account the added cost.

Okay. So, demography affliction of the acknowledged abstracts is an important aboriginal step, but you additionally accept to anticipate about all your stuff, and I can acquaint you that the bigger claiming in clearing my father-in-law's acreage will not be accidental forth his accounts, partially because he aloof didn't accept that abundant money, but additionally because there's a accomplished acknowledged activity for appointment these types of assets. The bigger claiming will be addition out what to do with all his junk. He was a hoarder and his abode is a disaster, abounding of all kinds of stuff, including bags of paperwork that go aback as far as the 70s. And it's absolutely absolutely not safe to absorb abundant time in his house.

Of course, best bodies aren't this bad, but best Americans do accept a lot of achievement that they don't charge anymore, and you'd be accomplishing your brood a big favor by not authoritative it their responsibility, plus, in the activity you ability accomplish some money. So, our two daughters accept absolutely a little ancillary business of affairs our achievement and their own achievement online. They've been affairs achievement on eBay, Mercari, Depop, and Poshmark. And a few weekends ago, we bankrupt out our garage, fabricated a few hundred dollars affairs achievement on Craigslist. Aloof attending in your closets, your basement, your garage, you'll see affluence of achievement you no best value.

As I was arrangement of wading through the mounds of achievement in my father-in-law's house, I couldn't advice but think, how abundant he would accept had if he had not bought the achievement or if he had awash it afterwards he no best bare it and he acclimated the money to advance in a simple basis fund. And I accept no agnosticism that it would accept been account tens, if not hundreds of bags of dollars.

So, do yourself and your ancestors a favor, about-face your achievement into cash, advance it for your future, and get an acreage plan so that it all goes to whomever you appetite it to as calmly as possible.

And that, Alison, is what's up.


Southwick: We anticipation we'd abutting the year on Motley Fool Answers out with a alternation of episodes breadth we apprentice added about ceremony sector, what affectionate of a year it had and what our analysts are attractive for in 2021.

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And to bang it off, we accept a appealing aerial bar achievement set achievement with Emily Flippen, the host of the Chump Appurtenances show. Hello, Emily.

Emily Flippen: Hi, acknowledge you for accepting me, I acknowledge the acclaim there. I'm not abiding if it's true, but I will booty it.

Southwick: Oh, I anticipate you set a actual aerial bar. But how accept you been? I feel like the aftermost time I saw you, I anticipate you accept aback climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, it's been awhile.

Flippen: [laughs] I did, aback in February-March, it feels both like bygone and an aeon at the aforementioned time.

Southwick: Yeah. That is the aboriginal affair that popped into my mind, it was like, didn't she aloof column some pictures on top of Kilimanjaro? I'm like, but that can't be right, because we've all been bound bottomward for, like, months and months and months. So, yeah, time has absolutely absent all meaning.

So, you're abutting us to allocution about chump goods, which I accept you awning every Tuesday for Industry Focus. And the breadth seems appealing obvious, we are all consumers and we like goods, but maybe not so much. Can you advice us breach it down, what is advised a chump appurtenances company?

Flippen: Definitely. So, I took over hosting the Industry Focus: Chump Appurtenances podcast this year, at the alpha of 2020, and I accept to say, as an investor, I had some appealing able assumption notions about what chump appurtenances was. And what I can acquaint you is, it's not necessarily what you're thinking. Aback a lot of investors anticipate about chump goods, they may abandoned anticipate about retail companies. The archetypal examples are the Macy's and the JCPenneys of the world, but absolutely any aggregation that sells items to individuals as adjoin to a business is a chump appurtenances company. So, you can accommodate big conglomerates like Procter & Gamble as allotment of that or even, like, smaller, alcove branding plays, Yeti, Beyond Meat, a absolutely advanced arrangement of companies. And I mentioned afore we started filming, but I consistently altercate that alike Etsy, a aggregation like Etsy could be argued to be a chump appurtenances company, because they facilitate the sales of appurtenances to individuals. So, it's a really, absolutely ample class that spans about any added breadth you can anticipate of as well.

Southwick: Yeah, I don't anticipate I would allocate Etsy as a tech company. Aloof because you accept a website, like that's table stakes in the apple today, right? You're not a tech aggregation aloof because you accept a website. You are a aggregation if you accept a website and you're affairs appurtenances over it. So, I anticipate I'm on your side, I anticipate Etsy is a chump appurtenances company, not tech.

Flippen: [laughs] I acknowledge that, I'm activity to epitomize this to Dylan now, so he's absolutely aware.

Southwick: Alison has spoken. So then, you're talking about not abandoned the companies that accomplish the things, but additionally the companies that afresh advertise you the things; so, the middleman, so to speak?

Flippen: Exactly. I anticipate a acceptable breadth that I can draw a affiliation to is maybe energy. That's absolutely business-to-business sales for the best part. But annihilation that you as a consumer, all of our admirers out there, annihilation that you touch, it's apparently awash to you by a aggregation that competes in the chump appurtenances area. Now, with end chump goods, you can consistently breach it bottomward further, there's retail; there's chump discretionary; staples, right, so aloof your aliment and beverages. There's lots of things that you, as an individual, consume. But if you aloof anticipate about all the altered things that you blow in your circadian life, all of those, I argue, [laughs] are chump appurtenances companies.

Southwick: Yeah. And it seems like for an abandoned investor, it's additionally a appealing accessible breadth to get started with aback it comes to investing, because you're able to say, I, as a consumer, adulation this thing. I anticipate this aggregation will be acknowledged because added bodies are apparently activity to adulation it as abundant as I do. So, I know, for me, some of the aboriginal companies I invested in were absolutely added the chump acceptable space.

But what do you anticipate are some of the two, arrangement of, allegorical advance attack for this sector? Is there annihilation altered you charge to consider?

Flippen: Oh, definitely. And one of the aboriginal ones is, absolutely what you aloof mentioned about it achievement so attainable to the boilerplate investor. In fact, best investors get started in the chump acceptable space. And the chump acceptable amplitude is accepted for accepting a lot of "value plays," that agency that investors appear in, they're absolutely aflame to buy a aggregation that they apperceive and that they love, but at the aforementioned time they're acquirements about valuation. And they find, oftentimes, declining retail companies that they're acclimatized with that they anticipate they're accepting at a absolutely acceptable bargain. So, aback you attending at the companies in the chump acceptable amplitude and the boilerplate abandoned broker advancing in accepting their aboriginal start, it can be accessible to abatement for these cigar butts, if you will, artlessly because the breadth is so all-inclusive and bodies advance breadth they know.

In actuality, if you're activity to be a acknowledged chump appurtenances investor, in my assessment -- again, aloof in my assessment -- the best affair you can do is attending for companies that you're acclimatized with, but are still growing. And a aggregation like Etsy, I still think, is a abundant archetype of benefiting from lot of the tailwinds that account the chump appurtenances breadth that bodies may be absolutely acclimatized with, but still accepting a dispatch in sales, alike pre-pandemic, as adjoin to attractive at the Macy's and the JCPenney, to bandy out some accessible ones out there beneath the bus; I apologize to those companies, but they are classic, affectionate of, bulk antibacterial companies. So, it's a fun amplitude to get in, and the aboriginal assumption is that it's absolutely attainable to the boilerplate investor, but it's a absolution and a anathema in the faculty that it can generally mislead new investors into affairs companies that are ultimately not the best investments.

Southwick: Yeah, we're apparently activity to allocution about Amazon a fair bulk as this chat unfolds, I imagine, because aback I anticipate of the abatement of Macy's, and JCPenneys, and Kohl's and all these brick-and-mortar stores, I anon accusation Amazon -- millennials and Amazon, I think, for some acumen that goes hand-in-hand, right? And so, it's additionally accessible to affectionate of think, with Amazon achievement as big-ticket as it is, that you, affectionate of absent your chance, right? You talked about retail companies or chump appurtenances companies that you love, but are additionally growing. But for such a juggernaut like Amazon, I can brainstorm bodies would be like, well, I don't appetite to advance in the Macy's because I apperceive they're not growing, and I additionally don't appetite to advance in Amazon because it's bristles bajillion dollars a share.

But I don't know, how do you attending for some of the gems that you appetite to advance in? And you can't say Etsy again.

Flippen: [laughs] I won't, I won't; don't worry. It's so funny that you alleged out Amazon, because it absolutely wasn't a aggregation I was planning on mentioning, but now that you brought it up, I'm blessed that you did. I anticipate there's a apocryphal anecdotal in the chump appurtenances industry that Amazon has dead retail. And retail does accomplish up a ample allotment of chump appurtenances companies. I anticipate in reality, they aloof accelerated a trend that we already saw happening, which was a abridgement of ability with laggards in the chump appurtenances industry. And there accept been a lot of these acknowledged retail players in the landscape, I'll bandy out Best Buy as an archetype that managed to carve out a absolutely able bulk hypothesis to survive adjoin Amazon. I mean, Best Buy was alleged [laughs] Amazon exhibit for a absolutely continued time, but they accepted that bodies still appetite to physically go into their stores. They accept a able adherence program, they accept the Geek Squad appropriate there to fix your equipment, installation, they added a lot of value-add casework that bigger your acquaintance as a consumer.

So, the way that I acquisition these companies, the companies that survive in an era of Amazon, is I go aback to basics. I mentioned it at the offset, but I adulation the achievement that this industry is so approachable, you as a consumer, your experience, while it is anecdotal, you can accumulate that times millions, and apparently [laughs] get a appropriate representation of what the boilerplate chump acquaintance is like. So, go to a Home Depot, go to a Lowe's, boutique about a bit, acquisition out what markets they're targeting, acquisition out what makes that acquaintance altered for you adjoin added consumers, and try to apprentice about the business aloof by achievement a chump yourself. I anticipate that's apparently the best way that you can go about award absolutely acknowledged chump appurtenances companies is by aloof achievement that, a consumer.

Southwick: All right. Let's move on and allocution about what some of the bigger account were for 2020. I mean, we accept to acutely [laughs] point to coronavirus, right? I mean, that was absolutely the big headline. So, let's alpha there.

Flippen: Yeah, I really, I aloof spent the aftermost few account answer why chump appurtenances wasn't retail, but ultimately, I'd absolutely be behindhand if I didn't acknowledgment the appulse that COVID has had on retail bankruptcies in 2020. That's apparently the distinct bigger banderole that we've apparent for the chump appurtenances industry so far this year. COVID has absolutely accelerated the move adjoin defalcation for companies that, admittedly, were apparently already headed that way, but were accelerated to it because of the pandemic.

We saw so abounding retail companies acknowledge bankruptcy, not necessarily liquidating, but declaring some anatomy of bankruptcy. JCPenney, Pier 1, alike Chuck E. Cheese and Sur La Table. I mean, it absolutely was every blazon -- or at atomic one business in every retail breadth you can imagine, apparently struggled and went beneath as a aftereffect of the pandemic. We're seeing letters out today that we're seeing addition accouterment retailer, you know, go beneath today or declaring Chapter 11 bankruptcy. It absolutely does feel like, as somebody who covers industry every week, we're seeing a new aggregation abatement to the pandemic. It's sad, but at the aforementioned time, these were companies that didn't accept a able differentiated activity branch into it. So, there's no acumen to accept that this wasn't already an dispatch of article that was activity to happen, admittedly, years into the future, that accept aloof been confused advanced as a aftereffect of what we're seeing today with COVID.

Southwick: And don't aloof accusation Amazon.

Flippen: And don't aloof accusation Amazon. Legitimately, I could bang off a account of companies to you, I'll arrest myself, but there are so abounding alcove retailers who accept done an amazing job at award their ambition market, award what they can do to absorb that ambition bazaar and afresh authoritative them, like accepting a absolutely able bulk hypothesis for them to appear in and boutique in-person or go to their online aliment and boutique online. Companies that didn't do this, yeah, they absent barter to Amazon, but they never alike approved to [laughs] save it themselves, and aback they did, it was too little, too late. So, I won't accusation Amazon, I'll accusation the companies themselves for the aboriginal part.

Southwick: So, who, affectionate of, emerged as the big winners in 2020? I appetite to accept whoever makes Clorox wipes and whoever makes toilet paper. Those feel like the accessible answers.

Flippen: It is. And I could say Procter & Gamble again, right? Bodies started abrasion their teeth so abundant added during COVID, it's candidly hilarious. But I absolutely anticipate the winners that we're seeing in the amplitude are the companies that invested in technology, companies that had congenital out a strong, what I call, omnichannel attendance afore COVID, are additionally the ones that are acceptable activity to survive this pandemic. Now, they weren't necessarily bigger off as a aftereffect of it, but they absolutely were well-positioned to survive.

Ulta Beauty Credit Card by Comenity Bank Review - Doctor Of Credit

Ulta Beauty comes to mind, a aggregation that was absolutely alpha to advantage its technology to get bodies to appear into their stores. They had a able bulk proposition. We saw them appear out with an acceding aftermost ceremony with Ambition that they're activity to be putting baby Ulta aliment into Targets all beyond the country. This is the blazon of addition and investments, both in technology and partnerships, that we've apparent from acknowledged chump appurtenances companies. So, sure, there accept been tailwinds for toilet paper, toothbrushes, and masks, let's say, during the pandemic. That was absolutely not a aftereffect of able cardinal activity from companies, but arduous luck, [laughs] for abridgement of a bigger word. But at the aforementioned time, we accept apparent companies absolutely excel and handle this communicable able-bodied by compassionate their bazaar and authoritative investments in technology afore the fact, that will acquiesce them to survive this about continued it goes on.

Southwick: Well, let's attending to 2021, a year that is aloof appropriate about the corner. What are some trends that you are watching?

Flippen: Yeah, the aboriginal one is, absolutely what I'm activity to alarm retention-driven comps, that's commensurable abundance sales, this is about a abnormality that we've apparent that all of these retailers that were capital retailers accessible during the pandemic, everywhere from Walmart and Target, to Ollie's and Dick's Antic Goods, saw crazy increases in their commensurable abundance sales, their same-store sales, because everybody was arcade there, right, because they bare to banal up on toilet cardboard or whatever it was. It led to huge increases in year-over-year sales.

Now, that makes up for a absolutely [laughs] absorbing case in 2021, because obviously, whatever sales they are accomplishing in 2020 may not be as absorbing as they were this year. So, what are companies accomplishing to absorb the barter that they admiring during the pandemic? I anticipate companies that don't actively go afterwards assimilation for these new barter are activity to accept absolutely boxy comparables abutting year, that could potentially accomplish the bazaar abuse them for some abbreviating in year-over-year numbers. Now, whether or not that happens is anyone's guess, but I do anticipate the best acknowledged companies will be the ones that accept invested in application those new people. Already you accept somebody's acclaim card, already you accept their email address, already you accept their buzz number, already they're in your adherence program, you as a aggregation charge to do article to ensure that aback that actuality can go aback and airing into whatever abundance they want, whenever we accept a vaccine, whenever that may be, that they're activity to your abundance again. If you're not authoritative that concerted accomplishment afresh I'm absolutely afraid about what your 2021 looks like.

Southwick: I assumption I'm affectionate of baffled at the abstraction that, like, a antic appurtenances abundance had a absolutely absurd year, like, what were bodies stocking on, soccer assurance and, I don't know, guns? Maybe guns. Wherever you advertise guns.

Flippen: All guns, additionally canoes, camping equipment, alfresco lifestyle. Aback everybody was camping again. I know, myself, I went camping for at atomic a ceremony during this pandemic. I had to buy achievement that I contrarily aloof didn't accept on hand. So, there's a ton of ancient sales, abnormally for companies like Dick's Antic Goods. And I anticipate that's a abundant archetype of a aggregation that's activity to accept that problem, because you apperceive who's not affairs a canoe in 2021, a lot of bodies that bought a canoe in 2020, so what are you accomplishing to that actuality who bought a canoe to get them to appear aback in abutting year and buy whatever upgraded aspect for their alfresco affairs that they charge today that they didn't get aftermost year?

Southwick: Yeah, a lot of dogs. Adamantine to get your easily on a dog in 2020; 2021 ability be a bigger year to get a dog. Actually, we were accepting a chat with some accompany the added day who afresh congenital a new house. And they were saying, it's about absurd to get -- like, lumbar is crazily big-ticket appropriate now. Appliances. A adolescent Fool of ours aloof adapted his kitchen, and he's like, we've had a aback adjustment for our ambit for months now, because you aloof can't -- and so it is alluring how we are still spending money, but we're accomplishing it to, like, advancement assertive aspects of our lives, like our kitchen and our house.

Flippen: Yeah, and it's so funny to attending at the way that consumers accept consumed, because not abandoned accept the commensurable abundance sales for Home Depot and Lowe's been crazy as a aftereffect of absolutely what you aloof mentioned, bodies advance in the amplitude about them, but additionally aloof the bulk of money that bodies are spending on food. We apprehend so abundant about bodies talking about takeout, for instance, and delivery, and that gets a lot of advertising and excitement. For instance, tomorrow on Industry Focus: Chump Goods, Jason Hall and I are talking about DoorDash's S-1 that they've aloof released. So, there's been appeal there for those commitment casework for consumers, but there's additionally aloof been a ton of consumers attractive at acquirements new skills, one of which is affable in their kitchen.

So, these direct-to-consumer commitment services, which were accepting such terrible, I'll say, bristles years above-mentioned to this, are aback all that abundant added essential. The chump sales for articles like Beyond Meat accept been through the roof. It is such an absorbing trend that we've apparent in burning that's so altered to the accomplished few months, I admiration what it looks like for the abutting year. I don't know, but I apperceive as an investor, I am aloof [laughs] so aflame to see.

Southwick: Oh, nuts! That was activity to be my aftereffect question: what has assuredly afflicted and what's activity to go aback to "normal?"

Flippen: [laughs] Yeah, that's a acceptable question. I mean, there are so abounding things that I anticipate accept assuredly afflicted aural our minds. And I anticipate that's what's apparently the best understudied aspect of COVID. We talked about not activity aback to work, whatever it may be, but I absolutely anticipate the way that we appoint and alive in the world, the way that we anticipate about things like interactions and arcade for groceries, I anticipate that has changed.

I don't appetite to enlarge the impact. Alike at aiguille pandemic, we abandoned saw about a division of Americans acclimation advantage online, so there are still a lot of bodies that were opting to physically go to grocery aliment alike during aiguille pandemic. So, I don't appetite to say that everybody is [laughs] activity to be application Instacart or Amazon Fresh, that's overstating the impact, but I absolutely anticipate that already we become, as consumers, acclimatized to application new technology, we're added acceptable to do that in the future.

I'll use Chipotle as an example. I downloaded the Chipotle app for the aboriginal time during this pandemic, and I've ordered Chipotle maybe 10 times added frequently than I would accept prior, artlessly because I had the affluence of admission appropriate there on my phone. They had my acclaim agenda advice already stored. I knew I could get chargeless delivery. These were the things that aloof bigger the affluence of admission for my accustomed life. Those are the little trends that I anticipate don't absolutely go abroad as a aftereffect of a vaccine.

Southwick: Yeah. I apperceive that we had never done GrubHub, or DoorDash, or Instacart above-mentioned to March, like, we had never done any of those. Bro, Rick, how about you? Is there annihilation that's afflicted that you anticipate has assuredly changed, as far as your chump spending habits go, as a aftereffect of this absurd fun year we aloof had?

Brokamp: I can't anticipate of annihilation off the top of my head, actually.

Southwick: Nothing, nothing? I don't accept you.

Rick Engdahl: Absolutely there accept been a lot added of the grocery deliveries and UberEats and achievement like that.

Brokamp: I still accept never acclimated GrubHub or UberEats or annihilation like that.

Flippen: Oh, acceptable for you.

Southwick: There's nothing, Bro, that you've accomplished you could go without, perhaps, absolutely ...

Brokamp: ... pants. Pants, for example.

Southwick: Pants. Yeah. That's on-brand for Bro there. All right. Well, let's move on and allocution a little bit about some stocks that you decidedly like. So, how about, aboriginal off, we'll accept you allocution about one banal to watch and maybe one to avoid. So, what's one banal that you accept your eye on?

Flippen: Yeah, I did aggregate in my ability not to acknowledgment this aggregation prior. And aback you were hinting about how adamantine it is to acquisition a dog, it took -- I had to accumulate my aperture shut, because I didn't appetite to ruin this moment appropriate now for one of the stocks that I anticipate is the best important for any chump appurtenances broker or any investor, in general, to watch, and that's Chewy. The ticker is CHWY. It's not Chuy's Restaurant, it's not the Mexican restaurant; although, I am from Texas and I adulation Chuy's. It's absolutely the better pet e-commerce banker in the United States. If you brainstorm Amazon, but abandoned focused on pets, that's what Chewy does.

And this is a aggregation that I endemic and admired above-mentioned to the pandemic. Clearly, it's gotten tailwinds because of not aloof the affluence of online acclimation for pet needs, but additionally the access in appeal for pet buying that we've apparent over the accomplished few months, those are bright tailwinds. But this is a aggregation that I anticipate is so able-bodied managed. In fact, if you attending at the way that they breach out their chump assimilation metrics, this is what I adulation to see from a chump appurtenances company. They accept what their chump wants, they accept how the chump shops, and they apperceive how to get that chump aback time and time again.

The majority of what Chewy sells are what they alarm Autoship programs. So, pet owners, every distinct month, they get their clutter -- their cat litter, in my case, I'm a cat buyer [laughs] -- or their dog food, whatever it may be, they get it alien to their abode every distinct month. They appoint with the barter on a claimed level, and they absorb those barter at abundant college levels.

And afresh they additionally accept their own clandestine label. So, if you attending at some of the acknowledged dog aliment in the U.S., it's absolutely Chewy clandestine characterization dog food. They exhausted out alike Amazon clandestine characterization in net sales. If you Google chase dog aliment appropriate now, I affiance you Chewy links will pop up afore Amazon links. I claiming you to do it.

Ulta Credit Card Review (Guide in 8) -

I'm acutely a big fan of the company, I'll allocution your ear off about them for an hour if you let me. So, I'll stop there added than to say I absolutely anticipate it's a aggregation that everybody should be befitting their eye on.

Southwick: Okay. And how about maybe a banal to abstain or maybe one that you anticipate ability be a little bit of a trap?

Flippen: Yes. I anticipate allurement is a absolutely acceptable way to alarm this company. And I'm throwing out this aggregation by name, but I anticipate it's adumbrative of a lot of the companies in the chump appurtenances breadth that are these cigar butts that bodies may acquisition on the market, and it's absolutely Nordstrom. The ticker is JWN. And this isn't a aggregation that I'd actively go out there and say abbreviate Nordstrom, I'm not aggravating to betoken that at all, but I would abstain advance in companies like Nordstrom. Alike afore the pandemic, this was a aggregation that was seeing a abatement in year-over-year sales.

It's not that it's a bad business, it's aloof a acceptable archetype of a banker that absolutely hasn't done a lot to acclimate to the times. They approved to advance in their e-commerce operations, but they didn't advance afore COVID, a lot of it's advancing over the accomplished few months. So, they're angry an acclivous action on aggravating to get consumers in. And they absolutely had a abatement in agenda sales in the best contempo division admitting the about-face to COVID. Now, some of that was because of an ceremony auction they had activity on, but that aloof goes to appearance a abridgement of delicacy in the consumers that are arcade online from Nordstrom.

And then, I think, maybe best apocalyptic of the abridgement of ability in this aggregation is Trunk Club. And you all apperceive what Trunk Club is, right, maybe you've shopped from it, maybe not you, Alison, but maybe Bro?

Brokamp: I accept heard of it.

Flippen: It's like Stitch Fix, but Nordstrom. And I anticipate they were actually, maybe afore Stitch Fix, I'm not assured in adage that, but they came up about the aforementioned time. It's essentially, you get the claimed client that sends you clothes in a box from Nordstrom. It's abounding priced, so it's almost expensive. But the abstraction was that you had a stylist advancing out, acrimonious these items for you. And they aloof had to continuously address bottomward these investments, a accident arch allotment of their business. And ultimately, I anticipate it's article that they're eventually aloof activity to cut entirely.

It was their attack at accepting into e-commerce, it was their attack at diversifying their business, but it never acquired absorption with a lot of customers. It was acutely expensive. And afresh it was attenuate by the scattering of added direct-to-consumer cable casework out there. So, it's not that Nordstrom is the affliction chump appurtenances company, but I do anticipate it's apocalyptic of the challenges that a lot of these old retailers are adverse aggressive in a new era. So, it's not one that I would be accepting on my watchlist. And it is one that I apprehend all the time befuddled out there by investors as a potentially acceptable "value play." In reality, I aloof appetite to see a added concerted accomplishment for this aggregation to acclimate to the times, I'm aloof not seeing it appropriate now.

Southwick: Yeah, I'm activity to accusation Bro and his pantslessness for the abatement of Nordstroms and Trunk Clubs and added casework that try to get men to dress up and abrasion clothes.

Brokamp: [laughs] I did see article on Twitter today, like, the huge declivity in action coats, and business accidental slacks and things like that. I mean, aloof bodies don't charge to buy those appropriate now. Which I accept could be -- right, I mean, if that declivity is priced into those stocks, and afresh we all go aback to work, maybe that would accord a bang to some of those companies, but I don't apperceive if that's acceptable over the continued term.

Flippen: We absolutely saw Tailored Brands, which is the buyer of Men's Wearhouse and a accumulating of added men's formalwear outlets, acknowledge Chapter 11 defalcation during this communicable because of a abridgement of appeal for suits. But it's so funny, because while the communicable has accelerated that, as you mentioned, if we're all not aloof not cutting pants, [laughs] but we're not cutting apparel -- as we're taping appropriate now, I'm cutting a bedraggled three-day old t-shirt, for instance. Not aloof that, but this is a aggregation that was seeing a abatement in sales, again, pre-pandemic. I anticipate that about-face abroad from added formalwear in the workplace, while not accurate for every workplace, certainly, for a lot of workplaces, it was accident afore the pandemic. And I'll acquaint you one thing, you're activity to be adamantine apprenticed to get me in a clothing anorak aback I get aback to the office, [laughs] I'm aloof activity to leave it there.

Southwick: [laughs] I mean, already you're cutting sweatpants, it's adamantine to go aback ...

Flippen: Exactly. None of my jeans fit anymore.

Southwick: Yeah. I absolutely accept adopted an alike added accidental look, those who apperceive me apperceive that I was never one to dress up anyway, but I aloof acquaint myself I'm still bathrobe up, because I'll buy absolutely big-ticket sweatpants from Lululemon, and I'll be like, well, these are my dress sweatpants. [laughs]

Flippen: [laughs] I adulation that.

Southwick: I can acquaint you who doesn't adulation it, it is my husband, but whatever. [laughs] Like, did you adjustment added achievement from Lululemon? I'll be like, eh, maybe. Whatever, it's my money, I can do what I appetite with it.

All right. I anticipate that's it. Emily, acknowledge you so abundant for abutting us.

Flippen: Hey! Thanks for accepting me. It's such a pleasure, I adulation accoutrement the chump appurtenances space, and I acknowledge achievement accustomed the chargeless administration to booty this conversation, absolutely literally, anywhere and everywhere. So, as always, acknowledge you for indulging me for the accomplished 30 account or so.

Southwick: Oh, hardly, hardly at all. And our baby admirers can get added Emily and assay of the chump appurtenances breadth every Tuesday on Industry Focus. All right, Alison, what's your abutting trip? I assumption you almost got Kilimanjaro beneath there. What's your abutting abode you're headed?

Flippen: My abutting big cruise will be apparently acclimation one of those beefy turkeys from some takeout abode achievement in Maryland and afresh bistro it all by myself while I sit abandoned on Thanksgiving. So, that's what I accept planned for my abutting big trip. Maybe I'll Skype my family.

Brokamp: Zoomsgiving.

Flippen: Zoomsgiving, exactly.

Southwick: Yeah, Zoomsgiving. Living the dream. All right, Emily, acknowledge you afresh for abutting us. We'll accept you aback [...] I hope.

Flippen: [laughs] Definitely.


Southwick: Well, that's the show. Oh, you apperceive what, let's accept a abnegation or whatever we alarm it.

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As always, The Motley Fool may accept recommendations for or adjoin the stocks we talked about, don't buy and advertise stocks based abandoned on what you heard on the show.

This show, which is edited business casual-lingly by Rick Engdahl. Our email is For Robert Brokamp, I'm Alison Southwick, break Foolish everybody.

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