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8 Things You Should Know About Citicards Account Online | citicards account online

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Citi is a TPG announcement partner.

Editor’s note: This is a alternating post, consistently adapted with new information.

Many Citi cardholders artlessly redeem their Citi ThankYou Rewards credibility for biking or allowance cards. But, if you accept a exceptional Citi ThankYou card, you may be able to get greater amount from your points. Specifically, you can aerate your Citi ThankYou Rewards credibility by application alteration partners.

Currently, Citi ThankYou Rewards has the afterward alteration partners:

So, in this guide, we’ll booty a added attending at anniversary of these Citi ThankYou Rewards alteration partners. But first, let’s accede how to acquire Citi ThankYou points.

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You can acquire Citi ThankYou Rewards credibility through some of Citi’s acclaim cards. So, actuality some of our admired Citi cards that can acquire ThankYou points:

The advice for the Citi Prestige has been calm apart by The Credibility Guy. The agenda capacity on this folio accept not been advised or provided by the agenda issuer.

But not all ThankYou credibility are created equal. To alteration your Citi ThankYou credibility to best of the ally declared in this guide, you allegation authority a exceptional Citi ThankYou agenda such as the Citi Prestige Agenda or Citi Premier Card.

If you abandoned accept the Citi Rewards Card, you’ll acquire “basic” ThankYou points. And you can alteration Citi Double Banknote Agenda banknote rewards to “basic” ThankYou credibility via a affiliated ThankYou account.

“Basic” ThankYou credibility are anniversary a collapsed one cent anniversary aback adored against allowance cards. But, “basic” ThankYou credibility can’t be transferred to best of the ThankYou biking partners.

However, if you additionally authority the Citi Prestige or Citi Premier, you can amalgamate your “basic” ThankYou credibility into your Citi Prestige or Citi Premier account. Then, you can alteration to any of the Citi ThankYou biking partners.

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Sign-up bonus: 50,000 annual credibility afterwards you absorb $4,000 aural three months of anniversary opening. Based on TPG’s valuations, this annual is anniversary $850.

Rewards rate: 5x ThankYou credibility on purchases at airlines, biking agencies and restaurants; 3x credibility at hotels and cruise lines; 1x credibility on added purchases.

Annual fee: $495 ($350 for condoning Citigold clients)

Card benefits:

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Sign-up bonus: 60,000 annual credibility afterwards you accomplish $4,000 in purchases with your agenda aural the aboriginal three months of anniversary opening. Based on TPG’s valuations, this annual is anniversary $1,020.

Rewards rate: Currently, you’ll acquire 3x credibility on air travel, hotels, restaurants, supermarkets and gas stations, and 1x on added purchases.

Annual fee: $95

Card benefits: Enjoy a $100 anniversary auberge accumulation annual aback you book a distinct auberge break of $500 or more, excluding taxes and fees, through already per agenda year. Also, the agenda doesn’t allegation adopted transaction fees. But, as of April 10, 2021, you’ll abandoned get a amount of 1 cent per point (instead of the accepted 1.25 cents per point) aback you redeem for biking through the Citi ThankYou Biking Center.

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Sign-up bonus: 15,000 annual credibility afterwards you accomplish $1,000 in purchases with your agenda aural the aboriginal three months of anniversary opening. Based on TPG’s valuations, this annual is anniversary $255.

Rewards rate: Acquire 2x ThankYou credibility at supermarkets and gas stations (on the aboriginal $6,000 per year; afresh 1x) and 1x on aggregate else. Also, Citi automatically circuit up to the abutting 10 credibility on every purchase.

Annual fee: None

Card benefits: You’ll get 10% credibility aback for the aboriginal 100,000 ThankYou Credibility you redeem per agenda year, including credibility becoming on added cards if you’ve affiliated your Citi ThankYou accounts.

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CitiCards login - Login Problems

Sign-up bonus: None

Rewards rate: Up to 2% banknote aback on all purchases (1% aback you buy and 1% aback you pay)

Annual fee: None

Card benefits: No standout benefits

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If you accept a exceptional Citi ThankYou agenda such as the Citi Prestige Agenda or Citi Premier® Card, you can alteration credibility to any ThankYou biking ally at a 1:1 ratio. But best added Citi ThankYou cards acquire “basic” ThankYou credibility that are abandoned transferrable to JetBlue at a 5:4 ratio.

To alteration Citi ThankYou credibility to biking partners, go to, sign-in to your anniversary and baddest the ThankYou anniversary you appetite to use. Then, bang on “Travel” on the top aeronautics bar and baddest “Points transfer.” Anniversary alteration allegation be at atomic 1,000 ThankYou points, but no added than 500,000. ThankYou credibility can abandoned be transferred in increments of 1,000.

Some biking ally are quicker to admit transfers from Citi ThankYou Rewards than others. Citi says it can booty up to 14 canicule from aback you appeal the alteration on to aback the credibility or afar arise in your associated airline account. So, TPG ran some abstracts to actuate how continued Citi ThankYou credibility booty to transfer.

So, you may be apprehensive which Citi biking ally are best valuable. TPG’s valuations accord you a clue of the about amount of some currencies. But TPG doesn’t accommodate valuations for every currency. Afterwards all, abundant of the amount depends on breadth and how you’re planning to travel.

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TPG’s valuations peg the amount of Citi ThankYou Rewards credibility at 1.7 cents each. This appraisal is based on the amount acquired aback you alteration your credibility to baddest partners. So, actuality are four of our admired Citi ThankYou alteration partners.

Avianca LifeMiles is a accepted bill for booking flights on Star Accord carriers due to its now-improved online booking process, alloyed berth ticketing and low taxes and fees. Unlike abounding common flyer programs, Avianca LifeMiles doesn’t canyon forth carrier surcharges.

Some hidden gems in the Avianca LifeMiles affairs include:

You can dig into redeeming on anniversary of LifeMiles ally on the LifeMiles website. But, agenda that Avianca periodically offers discounted awards on baddest routes.

If you’re abbreviate on LifeMiles afterwards appointment from Citi, Avianca LifeMiles is additionally a alteration accomplice of American Express Membership Rewards, Capital One and Marriott Bonvoy. Also, Avianca frequently offers the befalling to acquirement LifeMiles at a discounted rate.

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Gallery: Best airline adherence programs, according to readers (USA TODAY)

Etihad Guest can be advantageous for booking awards on airlines such as American Airlines, ANA and Royal Air Maroc. Amazingly, Etihad’s American accolade blueprint about maintains the accolade ante from afore the 2016 AAdvantage devaluation. So, you can still book the afterward American-operated flights with Etihad Guest miles:

Additionally, you can fly one way from Washington-Dulles (IAD) or New York (JFK) to Casablanca, Morocco in Royal Air Maroc business chic for 44,000 Etihad Guest miles. You can additionally biking from the West Coast to Tokyo in ANA business chic for 63,000 Etihad Guest afar anniversary way. Analysis out all of the Etihad Guest accomplice accolade archive actuality to acquisition your own candied spots.

If you’re still abbreviate on Etihad Guest afar afterwards appointment from Citi ThankYou, you can additionally alteration credibility from American Express Membership Rewards, Capital One and Marriott Bonvoy. Etihad additionally periodically offers the befalling to acquirement Etihad Guest afar at a discounted rate.

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Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer is usually your best bet if you’re attractive to book long-haul premium-cabin flights on Singapore metal. For example, you can book business chic on the Newark to Singapore flight for 99,000 afar anniversary way if you can acquisition a Saver accolade (or 140,000 afar anniversary way for a accepted award). On the added hand, you can book Singapore Suites amid Singapore and Shanghai, Beijing or Mumbai for as little as 53,000 afar one-way if you can acquisition Saver accolade availability (or 98,000 afar anniversary way for a accepted award).

See the accolade blueprint actuality for Krisflyer awards on Singapore metal. KrisFlyer usually discounts routes anniversary ages through its Spontaneous Escapes program. But, Singapore has paused the Spontaneous Escapes affairs due to COVID-19.

Singapore KrisFlyer is additionally acclaimed for booking awards on accomplice airlines, including abounding Star Accord carriers. For example, you can book a round-trip United-operated flight from acreage North America to Hawaii for 35,000 afar in abridgement chic and 69,000 afar in business class. It’s absolutely anniversary blockage out the KrisFlyer Star Accord accolade blueprint for yourself to acquisition added candied spots.

Singapore’s Alaska accolade blueprint additionally has abridgement awards alignment from 7,500 afar to 12,500 anniversary way for biking amid Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, Costa Rica, Mexico and Cuba.

If you’re still abbreviate on KrisFlyer afar afterwards appointment from Citi ThankYou, you can additionally alteration credibility from American Express Membership Rewards, Chase Ultimate Rewards, Capital One and Marriott Bonvoy.

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Virgin Atlantic Flying Club is abundant for booking Delta-operated flights (see the accolade blueprint here). In particular, you can book flights on the afterward ceaseless Delta-operated routes application Virgin Atlantic miles: : Manage Citi Credit Card Account Online

On the added hand, if you’re attractive to fly amid the U.S. and Japan, Virgin Atlantic has an absorbing accolade blueprint for ANA-operated flights. But, one-way tickets amount the aforementioned as round-trips and calm admission in the U.S. and Japan amount extra. Specifically, for round-trip flights amid the U.S. and Japan, you’ll pay 45,000-65,000 afar for economy, 70,000-95,000 afar for business and 90,000-120,000 afar for first. See the accolade blueprint here.

If you’re still abbreviate on Flying Club afar afterwards appointment from Citi, Virgin Atlantic Flying Club is additionally a alteration accomplice of American Express Membership Rewards, Chase Ultimate Rewards and Marriott Bonvoy. Also, Flying Club sometimes offers the befalling to acquirement afar at a discounted rate.

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Although not absolutely as able as the four alteration ally we aloof discussed, there’s still a acceptable bit of amount to be begin in the afterward seven Citi ThankYou alteration partners.

Aeromexico Club Premier has an accolade blueprint but uses activating appraisement in practice. For example, for a one-way abridgement flight from Los Angeles to Paris, the accolade blueprint quotes 48,000 Premier Credibility for low division or 65,000 Premier Credibility for aerial season. Yet, aback I searched this route, I begin flights bookable for amid 48,000 and 97,600 points.

Additionally, a one-way abridgement flight from Mexico City to Los Angeles amount amid 30,000 and 81,300 Premier Credibility for one date I searched. But, for addition date, this aforementioned avenue amount amid 13,300 and 28,000 Premier Credibility for economy. So, you may be able to get acceptable amount from Aeromexico if you accept to use your credibility in the appropriate situations.

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Flying Blue is a accepted affairs that some ability altercate is one of the best Citi alteration partners. However, aback the Flying Blue affairs afflicted in 2018, its appraisement has been illogical.

However, some redemptions are absolutely appealing. For example, business chic amid the U.S. and Europe starts at aloof 53,000 Flying Blue afar one-way. But, Flying Blue will add on ammunition surcharges that can be ample on some routes.

One ablaze atom is that Flying Blue offers Promo Rewards anniversary ages on its website. These Promo Rewards accept afresh included deals such as Washington to Paris for 20,625 afar one-way in economy, Seattle to Paris for 43,125 afar for one-way Exceptional Abridgement and Washington to Tel Aviv for 19,500 afar one-way in economy. However, Promo Rewards are currently adjourned due to COVID-19.

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Cathay Pacific Asia Afar uses distance-based accolade archive for flights on its own metal and Oneworld accomplice awards. This bureau that long-haul flights, such as those amid the U.S. and Hong Kong, can be expensive. Specifically, you can fly “ultra-long” one-way awards of 7,501 afar or added for 125,000 Asia Afar in aboriginal class, 85,000 afar in business, 60,000 afar in exceptional abridgement and 42,000 afar in economy.

Cathay Pacific Asia Afar passes on ammunition surcharges from added carriers but no best accuse ammunition surcharges on abounding of its own tickets. Also, the Cathay Pacific Asia Afar booking agent can be arresting and difficult to decipher. But, if you’re accommodating to absorb some time searching, you may acquisition some gems.

From his abysmal dive, TPG’s Adherence and Engagement Editor Richard Kerr acclaimed that his admired options to accede would be:

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Emirates Skywards is conceivably best advantageous for those attractive to book accolade tickets for Emirates aboriginal chic or Emirates business class. Additionally, Emirates has massively bargain the ammunition surcharges you’ll charge to pay. For example, a one-way capital accolade from New York-JFK to Dubai requires 136,250 afar additional about $160 in surcharges.

Emirates additionally has several one-off ally that can accommodate some acceptable amount redemptions. For example, you can use Emirates afar to book Japan Airlines flights, including round-trip awards from the U.S. to Japan, costing 60,000 afar in abridgement or 125,000 afar in business. Additionally, you can book calm flights with Alaska Airlines from 15,000 afar round-trip and JetBlue flights from 7,500 afar anniversary way.

You can additionally use Emirates Skywards afar for affluence baseball and soccer tickets. For example, afore the pandemic, we begin tickets to able antic contest for aloof 11,000 miles.

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Redeeming JetBlue TrueBlue credibility for the carrier’s flights is simple: the added a flight costs in cash, the added it’ll crave in points. According to TPG’s valuations, you can apprehend to get almost 1.3 cents of amount for every TrueBlue point you redeem. But, some flights may crop hardly bigger or worse value. In particular, redeeming for Mint accolade tickets about abandoned provides about one cent per point.

Another advantage is to redeem JetBlue credibility for JetBlue Vacations at a amount of 1.3 cents per point. You can additionally redeem a admixture of TrueBlue credibility and banknote for flights through Banknote Credibility redemptions starting at 500 points. But, Banknote Credibility redemptions should about be abhorred aback you’ll abandoned get a accretion amount of 0.9 cents per point.

Another advantage is to redeem JetBlue credibility for biking on Hawaiian Airlines. There are some acceptable deals to be begin on this accolade chart, including one-way intra-Hawaii flights for 6,000 credibility in abridgement and 12,000 credibility in business.

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Qantas appear both absolute and abrogating changes to its Common Flyer affairs in the summer of 2019. In short, the affairs wasn’t and still isn’t the best advantageous adherence affairs due to aerial ammunition surcharges and a characterless accolade chart.

The Qantas Common Flyer affairs uses assorted distance-based accolade charts. So, you’ll charge to baddest the actual accolade blueprint based on the airlines you plan to fly. In particular, you may be able to acquisition some amount from abbreviate Qantas-operated flights that are big-ticket aback application cash.

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There are several candied spots in the Turkish Airlines Miles&Smiles program. Historically, abandoned determined credibility and afar collectors would go through the altercation of accolade and booking awards in this program. But the online chase and booking action has bigger drastically, which makes the affairs added accessible.

You’ll get the best amount aback you use your afar to book Turkish- or Star Alliance-operated flights. Miles&Smiles prices accolade flights on region-based accolade charts. You can book round-trip awards aural the aforementioned arena for 15,000 afar in economy, 25,000 afar in business and 40,000 afar in first, which can accommodate accomplished amount in some regions. One-way awards are bookable for bisected the amount of a round-trip award. Ammunition surcharges are aerial on some Miles&Smiles redemptions, but they aren’t answerable on United flights and are almost reasonable on Turkish flights. - Citi Credit Card Account Login

Turkish consistently has sales on its accolade prices. But, alike commonly priced awards can accommodate abundant value. For example, you can fly anywhere in the U.S. (including Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands) for 15,000 afar round-trip in abridgement or 25,000 round-trip in business on United.

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Even some of the least-valuable Citi ThankYou alteration ally accept ablaze spots. Here’s the abhorrent on these programs, including a few areas to attending for value.

EVA Air Infinity MileageLands about won’t be your affairs of choice. Afterwards all, it is about exhausted by added programs and is rather difficult to understand. But, there are a few notable cases in which you ability appetite to use Infinity MileageLands.

One accurate breadth area I’d attending to admission amount from Infinity MileageLands is intra-region round-trips. You’re accustomed up to two stopovers, up to six segments and one accessible jaw on round-trip Star Accord awards — and some regions are actual broad. For example, the “North Asia” arena consists of “Guam, Japan, Micronesia, Palau, Russian Far East, South Korea, Marshall Islands, Mongolia, Saipan.” So, you could allotment calm a nice island alembic for aloof 30,000 afar in abridgement round-trip or 55,000 afar in business class. Likewise, the “South West Pacific” and “South America” regions additionally attending appealing.

See the accolade blueprint for Star Accord awards actuality and the accolade blueprint for EVA Air awards here.

Jet Airways abeyant all operations afterwards declining to accession abundant banknote to break afloat on April 17, 2019. Then, JetPrivilege rebranded and acquired to become InterMiles. There may be amount in InterMiles, which works analogously to an online biking bureau rewards program. But, I was clumsy to acquisition annihilation ever ambrosial in a quick search. So, I’d abstain appointment Citi ThankYou credibility to this program.

Malaysia Airlines attenuated its breadth affairs aback in 2015 and afresh again in 2017. Afterwards these two devaluations, there was little larboard in the affairs to accelerate common flyers. But, as addition who becoming Oneworld Sapphire cachet through Malaysia Airlines in 2019 and still has some afar to spend, I afresh took a afterpiece attending at the program.

In 2017, Malaysia alien activating appraisement for its awards that acutely admired afar at about 0.33 cents each. So, I was encouraged aback Malaysia alien a fixed-rate accretion advantage alleged Enrich Base in February 2020 for its flights.

Under the Enrich Base accolade chart, you can book abridgement flights amid Kuala Lumpur and peninsular Malaysia for aloof 5,000 afar round-trip. Also, you can book abridgement flights amid Kuala Lumpur and London for 80,000 afar round-trip. But Enrich Base is abandoned accessible on round-trip, ceaseless flights that accept O book chic for abridgement or Z book chic for business. As such, I’ve begin it difficult to acquisition Enrich Base flights that are bookable.

I wouldn’t bother with Malaysia Airlines Enrich if you’re aloof attractive for a abode to alteration your Citi ThankYou points. But if you already accept Malaysia Enrich afar and are attractive to top up your antithesis to accomplish a redemption, I’d advance aggravating to acquisition an Enrich Base accretion that works or attractive into Zone 1 on the accomplice chart.

See the Enrich Base blueprint for Malaysia Airlines here, for Oneworld and ally actuality and for Firefly here.

In 2018, Qatar Airways fabricated assorted cuts to its Privilege Club common flyer program. First, the airline belted lounge admission and accoutrements allowances for travelers who upgraded application miles. Next, the airline added a booking fee for all accolade admission redemptions, alignment from $25 to $75 depending on berth class. Finally, the airline added prices for accolade biking on its planes by as abundant as 77% with aught notice.

Qatar doesn’t accept an accolade blueprint for its flights. But, you can use the Qcalculator if you appetite to see aloof how bad ante are for a accurate route.

However, Qatar’s Privilege Club does still action a accomplice accolade blueprint that is distance-based. But, the appraisement on this blueprint isn’t at all competitive. So, I’d abstain Qatar Airways Privilege Club as a Citi ThankYou alteration partner.

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Even aback in 2015, Richard Kerr said Thai’s Royal Orchid Additional affairs “should be at the basal of your account for ThankYou point alteration partners.” Despite ambrosial intra-region accolade pricing, I accept to agree. Except for air and advancement awards, best awards with Thai and Thai Smiles are briefly bare due to Thai’s defalcation rehabilitation.

But, feel chargeless to analysis out the accolade archive for yourself. You can acquisition the Thai accolade blueprint for basic in Bangkok here, the Thai accolade blueprint for abutting in Bangkok actuality and the Star Accord accomplice accolade blueprint here.

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As you can see, there are affluence of options aback it comes to application your Citi ThankYou credibility to book a trip. It makes faculty to assignment on earning Citi ThankYou credibility alike if you don’t apperceive how you appetite to absorb them yet. Then, already you apperceive breadth you appetite to go, you can actuate which of the best or boilerplate alteration ally accommodate the best options and amount for your trip.

If you’d rather accede how to use your Citi ThankYou credibility to fly with a specific alliance, be abiding to analysis out our guides for Oneworld, SkyTeam and Star Accord airlines.

Featured photo by Nick Ellis/The Credibility Guy

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